Operating the FC-2600
FC-2600 Operator’s Manual
Checking the Battery Status
The CHG/LOW battery LED, indicates the current battery status as
shown in Table 2-1 below.
Charging the Batteries
The Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack has exceptional charge life
without the “charge memory.” This means partially discharged
batteries or batteries connected to the charger for extended periods
will not adversely affect battery life or performance.
Table 2-1. Charge/Low Battery Indicator Functions
Function Description
CHARGE With the power supply connected, the CHG/LOW battery
LED indicates one of the following conditions:
Nearly Charged – charging LED indicator flashes Long
Charged – charging LED is Solid Green.
CHG LOW Batteries are low – Battery LED flashes Red.
Batteries are very low – the Taskbar Icon changes to
Low Indication where there is approximately 1 hour of
operation remaining.
Critical Battery Battery LED Constant Red, and Taskbar Icon changes to
Exclamation Point when there is approximately 20-30
minutes of operation remaining.
Battery Door Open Battery LED flashes Red (On, Off, or Suspend state);
Charging system disabled for Safety.
Charge the FC-2600 away from any known or
potential heat sources. Devices exposed to
temperatures in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit
during the charge cycle may experience incomplete
charges and reduced operating time per charge.
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