Operating the FC-2600
FC-2600 Operator’s Manual
The Start Menu
Tap the Windows button on the control panel (top left), then
press Start to display the start menu. By tapping one of the
menu icons you can:
Open programs that do not appear on the main screen
View a list of Websites added to your Favorites list
View recently accessed documents and images
Access the Control Panel, establish connections, or configure the
Taskbar and Startup menu
View the Help menu
Start an application using the Run command
Miscellaneous Tools
Screen Capture The Screen Capture program (Figure 2-6 on
page 2-11) takes a picture of the current screen and saves it as a
bitmap file (.bmp) to a designated location. You can set up the
program to run from the system tray or by pressing a hot key.
To set up the Screen Capture program, tap Start
ProgramsToolsScreen Capture. The ScreenCapture dialog
box displays. Make the following selections to capture a screen on the
Keyboard Hot Key – disabled
Capture Delay (sec) – select a wait time before the Screen
Capture program takes a picture (up to 9 seconds)
Auto run in the task bar – press and enable to take a picture by
tapping the Screen Capture icon in the System Tray
To deselect this option after making it active, tap
and hold the icon until the ScreenCapture dialog
box displays.
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