Power Management
P/N 1000504-01 2-11
View following capture – press and enable to view the picture
immediately following the screen capture
Reset Counter – press and enable to reset the counter to zero
Figure 2-6. ScreenCapture Window
To change the default folder where the screen captures will be stored,
press My Documents at the bottom of the ScreenCapture dialog box
(Figure 2-6) to display the ScreenCapture dialog box (Figure 2-7).
Figure 2-7. Capture Folder Dialog Box
By default, the Screen Capture program automatically assigns a
number to each screen capture. The numbering scheme starts at
JET00000 and increases by one after each capture.
5. To reset the picture numbering scheme to JET00000, press and
enable Reset Counter on the ScreenCapture dialog box.
Screen captures stored in folders other than the
System CF folder will be lost if you remove power
from the unit.
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