Power Management
P/N 1000504-01 2-13
1. Tap StartProgramsToo lsSaveReg. The FC-2600 begins
to save the registry. After the registry is successfully saved, a
message box displays for confirmation.
2. Press OK to close the message box and return to the main screen.
Command Prompt Windows The command prompt window allows
you to execute limited MS-DOS command line arguments (e.g., CD
SystemCF, Run TEST.BAT, etc.).
To open the Command Prompt window:
1. Tap StartProgramsToo lsCommand Prompt. The
Command Prompt window displays (Figure 2-9).
Figure 2-9. Command Prompt Window
2. Type in your command. For a list of supported commands, type
Help, and press Enter.
3. To end the session, type Exit, and press Enter.
SystemCF Folder The only folder that provides non-volatile
(permanent) storage is the SystemCF folder. Information stored in
other folders will be lost when you remove power from the FC-2600.
You can, however, have the FC-2600 automatically copy files from
the SystemCF to other folders when starting up.
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