P/N 1000504-01
Chapter 5
This chapter helps you diagnose and solve some common problems
you may encounter with the FC-2600.
Before contacting Topcon support, check the following:
My FC-2600 does not respond when I press the power button
Make sure the unit is not in Suspend mode
If the unit is operating on battery power, make sure the batteries
have not discharged.
Make sure all of the cables are properly connected.
I changed my system settings, but when I turn on the FC-2600, my
settings are gone
You must save the registry after making any system or configuration
I transferred files to the FC-2600 from my computer, but when I turn on
the FC-2600, my transferred files are missing
To permanently store transferred files, copy the files into internal
flash memory or a compact flash card.
Occasionally, transferred files can be hidden from view. Double-
tap My Computer, select ViewOptions and clear all boxes.
I cannot connect to the development system using ActiveSync
Make sure you have administrator access to ActiveSync.
Confirm the cables are properly connected.
Do not attempt to repair equipment yourself. Doing
so voids your warranty and may damage the
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