FC-2600 Operator’s Manual
Make sure the serial communications configuration is correct.
Make sure the correct COM port is available.
In ActiveSync, make sure you are using the correct connection
settings for the connection type you are using, such as USB,
serial, or Ethernet.
The screen is too light or too dark
Adjust the lighting by using the Backlight option in the Control Panel
to adjust the brightness.
Tap StartSettingsControl PanelBacklight. The Backlight
Control dialog box displays. Use the backlight control slider to
increase or decrease the lighting on the main screen display.
The stylus is not responding properly
Recalibrate the screen. The screen is not calibrated correctly to
interpret the screen taps.
Tap StartSettingsControl PanelStylus. The Stylus
Properties dialog box displays. On the Calibration tab, press the
Recalibrate button to recalibrate the screen.
The FC-2600 responds slowly
The device may be short of program memory or storage memory. To
increase memory, tap StartSettingsControl PanelSystem.
The System Properties dialog box displays. On the Memory tab, do
the following:
Increase the amount of storage or program memory by
adjusting the memory slider
You can also delete any unnecessary files
I get little or no sound from the FC-2600
Use the Volume & Sounds control in the Control Panel to adjust the
volume and sound properties.
No sound is heard when I tap the touch screen or press a key
Make sure the volume setting is high and turned on.
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