P/N 1000504-01
Thank you for purchasing this Topcon product. The materials
available in this Manual (the “Manual”) have been prepared by
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. (“TPS”) for owners of Topcon
products, and are designed to assist owners with the use of the
receiver and its use is subject to these terms and conditions (the
“Terms and Conditions”).
Terms and Conditions
USE This product is designed to be used by a professional. The user
should have a good knowledge of the safe use of the product and
implement the types of safety procedures recommended by the local
government protection agency for both private use and commercial
job sites.
COPYRIGHT All information contained in this Manual is the
intellectual property of, and copyrighted material of TPS. All rights
are reserved. Do not use, access, copy, store, display, create derivative
works of, sell, modify, publish, distribute, or allow any third party
access to, any graphics, content, information or data in this Manual
without TPS’ express written consent and may only use such
information for the care and operation of your receiver. The
information and data in this Manual are a valuable asset of TPS and
are developed by the expenditure of considerable work, time and
money, and are the result of original selection, coordination and
arrangement by TPS.
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.
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