BA300 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier
The Front Panel
1. 0 dB INPUT: This input accepts a stan-
dard 1/4" instrument plug from your
bass. Connect your guitar to the ampli-
fier using a shielded instrument cable.
This input is suited for use with instru-
ments that have passive electronics.
2. –12 dB INPUT: This input accepts a
standard 1/4" instrument plug from
high-output basses. This input is pad-
ded by 12 dB to compensate for higher
output sources, and is suited for use
with basses that have active electronics
or high-output pickups. Use this input if
you notice the peak LED [3] comes on
regularly when using the 0 dB input.
3. PEAK/MUTE LED: This red LED flash-
es when the input signal peaks, and
lights continuously when Mute is active.
4. MUTE: This mutes the signal input. Only
the tuner output will have a signal from
your guitar, so you can tune your guitar
with the amp muted.
5. LED: This yellow LED lights when the
signal level is above the compressor
threshold and gain reduction is active.
6. THRESHOLD: Adjusts the compressor
threshold through a range of –6 dBV
(fully counter-clockwise position) to
–30 dB (fully clockwise position).
7. ON/OFF: Activates/deactivates the
8. VOLUME: This varies the amount of
signal driving the preamplifier.
9. ULTRA HI: This switch activates a high
frequency boost circuit, resulting in a
+9 dB boost at 8 kHz.
10. ULTRA LO: This switch activates a low
frequency boost circuit, resulting in a
+9 dB boost at 100 Hz.
11. STYLE: This five-position switch allows
you to control the tone of the amplifier.
Experiment with the style and other EQ
controls to find your favorite settings:
1: –25 dB cut at 500 Hz
2: –12 dB cut at 500 Hz
3: Flat
4: +5 dB boost at 2 kHz and above
5: –6 dB cut at 50 Hz and below
12. BASS: This provides an adjustment
range of ±18 dB at 40 Hz.
13. MIDRANGE: This provides an adjust-
ment range of ±18 dB at 400 Hz.
14. TREBLE: This provides an adjustment
range of ±18 dB at 10 kHz.
15. MASTER: Use this to control the overall
system volume.
16. POWER SWITCH: Use this illuminated
switch to turn the overall system power
on or off.
1 2 6 87 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16543
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