SVT-4 PRO Bass Guitar Amplifier
The Front Panel continued
the crossover point between the Bi-amp
High and Bi-amp Low outputs when
using the amplifier in bi-amp mode
(see ‘Hook-up Diagrams’, pages 5–7).
22. CROSSOVER BALANCE: This adjusts
the relative level between the low and
high frequency bi-amp signals when
using the amplifier in the bi-amp mode.
23. 9–BAND GRAPHIC EQ: These sliders
control the output frequencies indicated
above each control. The center position
of each control is flat [no boost or cut].
The Graphic EQ may be used in two ways:
1) To fine tune the sound, make small
adjustments at the desired frequencies
and leave the EQ on throughout the entire
session. (This is great for adapting to
varying room acoustics when playing
multiple venues) and...
2) For a completely different sound, make
larger adjustments and only activate the
EQ when a “second channel” sound is
required (such as during bass solos).
1 2 5 6 7 10 113 4 8 9
12 13 1614 15 19 21 222017 18
24 2725 26
24. LEVEL: This slider is the output
volume control for the Graphic EQ and
only affects the signal when the EQ is
engaged. If the EQ’d signal is too soft,
slide the level control up; if it’s too loud,
slide this control down.
25. POWER LED: This LED illuminates
green when the power switch [27] is up.
26. ACTIVE LED: This LED illuminates when
the Graphic EQ switch [15] is engaged.
27. POWER SWITCH: Use this switch to
turn the overall system power on or
off. Press the top of the switch to turn
on the power. Press the bottom of this
switch to turn the amp off. To remove
AC power, either turn off the AC mains
supply, or unplug the power cord from
the speaker and the AC mains supply.
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