SVT-4 PRO Bass Guitar Amplifier
Rack Mounting
When mounting the SVT-4 PRO into a rack, the four bottom feet should be removed
to maintain the three rack space height of the amplifier. Be sure to keep the feet and their
attachment bolts for future use. If the feet are reinstalled, never use screws which will
protrude farther into the amplifier than the original hardware.
The rack must be a high quality enclosure capable of securely supporting the weight
of the amplifier. Tighten the mounting screws securely through the amplifier’s face plate,
into the rack rails. Check the rack and mounting screws occasionally to ensure a continually
safe and secure installation.
Thermal Considerations
The amplifier is fan cooled with one large fan. Air is drawn through the rear panel vent
to cool down the amplifier heatsinks, and then expelled through the side panel vents.
When installing, be sure to allow sufficient air space around the front, sides and rear of the
amplifier for adequate cooling for the heatsinks. Leave at least one rack space above and
below, and at least six inches behind and in front of the chassis to allow proper ventilation.
The rear of the rack should be unobstructed and placed no closer than 10" from walls or
other large obstructions. When the amplifier is first turned on, the fan runs at a low speed.
As the power output increases and the amp warms up, the fan gradually increases in speed
to provide additional cooling. If the amplifier should overheat, a thermal switch turns off the
power amplifier, allowing the heatsink to cool down. Once the amplifier has cooled to a safe
operating temperature, the thermal switch resets and reactivates the amplifier. If this
should occur, identify the cause of the problem and take corrective action. For example:
• Provide better ventilation
• Install a fan in the rack to move more air
• Make sure the amplifier is not overloaded with too low of a load impedance or by a
short circuit on the speaker line
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