SVT-4 PRO Bass Guitar Amplifier
You are now the proud owner of an Ampeg SVT-4 PRO bass
guitar amplifier. This versatile and powerful bass amplifier delivers up to 1600 watts of
unsurpassed quality, offering the classic vibrance of tubes, as well as contemporary features.
The SVT-4 PRO amplifier is an ideal companion to the Classic Series, Pro Series,
or PF cabinets, available separately.
Like all Ampeg products, your SVT-4 PRO amplifier is designed by musicians and built
using only the best of components. Each amplifier is tested to confirm that it meets our
specifications, and we believe that this amplifier is the absolute best that it can be. In order
to get the most out of your new amplifier, please read this manual before you begin playing.
Best of luck in all of your musical endeavors!
The dedicated team at Ampeg
DUAL SEPARATE POWER AMPLIFIERS: Operate in true stereo or mono bridged mode
for even greater output power [pages 5–6, 12].
BI-AMP CAPABLE: Adjustable crossover frequency control and low-to-high frequency
balance control allow you to fine-tune the bi-amp abilities of the amplifier [pages 6–7, 10].
5-POSITION MIDRANGE SELECTOR: Take your pick from the five center frequency
points available to get just the right midrange voicing [page 9].
COMPRESSION CONTROL: Allows you to control the dynamics of the tonal response
characteristics from the power amp, from punch to compressed [page 8].
9–BAND GRAPHIC EQ: Use as a “second channel” for bass solos, or to shape the
sound to your own exacting standards. An independent level control allows you to adjust
the Graphic EQ volume [page 10].
TUNER OUT JACKS: Two jacks – one on the front panel, one on the rear panel – allows
connection to an electronic tuner and provides an “always live” monitor feed, even when
the output is muted [pages 8, 13].
SPEAKON JACKS: For more reliable connections at higher outputs and for mono
bridged connections (in addition to 1/4" speaker out jacks) [page 11].
TRANSFORMER BALANCED LINE OUTPUTS: Independent level control. Two trans-
former balanced XLR and two balanced/unbalanced 1/4" output jacks – switchable stereo
or mono (one “wet”, one “dry” signal), pre– or post–EQ [page 12].
STEREO EFFECTS LOOP: Connect effects here for increased intensity and quieter
operation [page 13].
POWER AMP IN AND PREAMP OUT: Two separate loops, one for each channel:
a separate preamp may be connected to the Power Amp In jack and the Preamp Out
jack may be connected to a slave amp [page 12].
FOOTSWITCH CONTROL: Use a footswitch to bypass/activate the Effects Loop and to
activate the Graphic EQ and the Mute feature [page 12].
CIRCUIT BREAKER PROTECTION: A heavy duty resettable circuit breaker provides
protection against fault conditions [page 11].
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