BA-108 / BA-110 Bass Guitar Combo
Output Power Rating 25 watts rms @ 8 ohms, 3% THD [BA-108]
35 watts rms @ 8 ohms, 3% THD [BA-110]
SignaltoNoiseRatio  67dB(20Hz–20kHz,unweighted)[BA-108]
 68dB(20Hz–20kHz,unweighted)[BA-110]
Maximum Gain @ 1 kHz 0 dB input: 50 dB
  –15dBinput:35dB
CD input: 44 dB
Effects Return: 34 dB
ToneControls Bass:  +12/–12dB@40Hz
Mid:  +12/–12dB@600Hz
Treble: +14/–14dB@5kHz
SpeakerSpecs  1x8"speaker:8ohms,40W[BA-108]
 1x10"speaker:8ohms,100W[BA-110]
PowerRequirements  ~100–120VAC,50–60Hz,45W
 ~200–240VAC,50–60Hz,45W
Size (H x W x D) 15.3 in / 389 mm x 15.3 in / 389 mm x
11 in / 279 mm (from handle to foot) [BA-108]
16.3 in / 414 mm x 16.3 in / 414 mm x
12 in / 305 mm (from handle to foot) [BA-110]
Weight 27 lb / 12.2 kg (approximately) [BA-108]
32 lb / 14.5 kg (approximately) [BA-110]
Service Information
f you are having a problem with your BA-series combo, you can go to our website
and click on Support for service information, or call Technical Support at
Monday-Friday during
normal business hours, PST
, to receive assistance. If
you are outside of the U.S., contact your local distributor for technical support and service.
BA-series combos are covered with a durable fabric-backed vinyl material, so be sure to clean it with
a dry lint-free cloth.
Never spray cleaning agents on the BA-series combo. Avoid abrasive
cleansers which would damage the finish.
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