Step 1. Ensure the citrus juicer is correctly assembled with a container
placed under the juice spout before juicing.
Step 2. Cut the citrus fruit in half by cutting across the diameter, and
the fruit cone, smooth the outside of the fruit by trimming any tip ends
such as the ends of a lemon or orange.
Step 3. Plug the power cord into a properly grounded power outlet
and then switch the on/off button to ON. This begins operation of the
citrus juicer.
Step 4. Place citrus fruit half with the cut side down onto the juice
cone. Be careful not to press too hard. Use caution not to contact
moving parts with your hands.
Step 5. The motor will automatically start and the juicing cone will
            
through the juice spout into the container. The pulp and seeds will
Step 6. The citrus juicer juices very quickly so each fruit half will be juiced
in a few seconds. To automatically stop the motor, lift the fruit up.
Step 7. Remove the used fruit from the juicing cone.
Repeat steps 4-6 to continue juicing.
NOTE: 
emptied during juicing by switching the citrus juicer “OFF” and carefully removing the juicing
or damage the unit.
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