When the patient or inspector comes into contact with the devices (including the connecting devices) or
when the patient or inspector is in contact with the person that touches the devices (including the con-
necting devices), the patient's environment is shown below.
In the patient's environment, use devices conforming to IEC60601-1. If you are compelled to use any
device not conforming to IEC60601-1, use an insulation transformer or the common protective earth
Note 1: Use a personal computer which conforms to UL 60950/UL 60950-1 or IEC 60950/IEC 60950-1.
Note 2: Don't remove the cover from the personal computer.
Note 3: Use an isolation transformer conforming to IEC 60601-1 for the power supply of a PC.
CAUTION Don't connect an additional power strip or an extension cord to the system.
Don't connect any device which is not recognized as one component of the
The total 1kVA is the maximum allowable load of the auxiliary power supply
socket for the insulation transformer, which is provided for the system.
Don't connect the device exceeding this capacity.
Use the auxiliary power supply socket of the insulation transformer to power
only a device that will be a component of the system.
It is dangerous to connect any device which is not used as a component of the
system, to the insulation transformer.
When the insulation transformer is not used, the personal computer and the
monitor for the personal computer must be installed out of the patient's envi-
Do not use the power strip in the
patient's environment. Connect the
power supply of the device to the
commercial power supply.
Radius 1.5m
Devices applicable to the
patient’s environment
• Personal computer (Note 1) (Note 2)
• Monitor for personal computer (Note 1)
• Insulation transformer (Note 3)
• Mouse
• Keyboard
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