Sonic Tracker II Transducer Cleaning
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Sonic Tracker II Transducer Cleaning
1. Hold the Sonic Tracker I I in an upright position to prevent moisture from inadvertently entering the Sonic
Tr a ck e r.
2. Mix a mild detergent with water and place the mixture in a spray bottle (use Simple Green® where
3. With the Sonic Tracker upright, thoroughly spray the Transducer with the detergent solution.
4. After spraying the Transducer with the detergent, fill the spray bottle with clean water and rinse any
residual detergent off of the Transducer.
5. Allow the Sonic Tracker to thoroughly dry.
Sonic Tracker II Transducer Replacement
If the ability of the Sonic Tracker II to “see” a sonic stringline or other reference continues to be impaired, the
transducer may be damaged and needs replaced.
1. Remove and discard the Filter Foam—a new filter foam is provided in the Transducer Replacement Kit
(Figure 170).
Figure 170: Remove Filter Foam
2. Remove the four screws and the black retaining ring. Remove and discard the “O”-Ring (Figure 171 on
page 95).
This procedure is not meant to be a regular maintenance procedure. Clean the Transducer only when
contamination is suspected or evident.
Cleaning the transducer too much results in a shortened Transducer life and/ or water damage to the
Sonic Tracker.
Always remove and discard used “O”-Rings. Used “O”-Rings are distorted and can loose elasticity due
to weather or exposure to diesel fumes.
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