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P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
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Control Box Symptoms
Control Box Symptom 1
The Control Box LCD does not display.
Probable Cause
No power to the Control Box.
1. Check that the machine power is on and all switches for automatic control on the paver are in the proper
2. Check that all cables are properly and securely connected to the Control Box and the paver.
3. Disconnect cables and inspect them for damage or contamination. Clean all connections with an electrical
contact cleaner.
4. Swap Control Boxes from left to right side.
5. For System Four™ bypass Junction Box by plugging coil cord from paver to J-Box directly into Control Box.
1. “The Control Box LCD does not display.”
2. “The Control Box LCD displays Error.”
3. “Cannot adjust to On-Grade when elevation control is selected.”
4. “The tow point cylinder does not move up or down.”
5. “The tow point cylinder is moving in the wrong direction.”
6. “The tow point cylinder is moving too fast or too slow.”
7. The system intermittently drives the cylinder all the way up or down when tracking a mechanical ski.”
8. “The Control Box SAS icons (numbered 1, 2, 3 or 4) are red.”
9. “The grade lights flash high and low and do not stay On-Grade.”
10. “The valve is driving the hydraulic cylinder too far, overshooting grade.”
11. “The valve does not drive hydraulic cylinder far enough to get sensor On-Grade.”
12. “The Control Box displays red dashes instead of the actual elevation when in elevation mode.”
13. “The Auto light on the Control Box intermittently flashes on and off.”
Do not use electrical contact cleaner to clean the Tracker's transducer.
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