Control Box Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
Control Box Symptom 2
The Control Box LCD displays Error.
Figure 176: Error Display
Probable Cause
No communication with the sensor selected.
1. Check that all cables are properly connected to the Control Box and sensors.
2. Disconnect cables and inspect them for damage or contamination. Clean all connections with an electrical
contact cleaner.
3. If elevation has been selected, one at a time, swap the ST-3 or Sonic Tracker I I and cables from the
opposite side to locate the error.
4. Refer to Tracker Symptom # 1.
5. If slope has been selected, check that slope has not been selected on the other Control Box. Only one box
at a time can have slope turned on.
6. Swap slope cable from opposite side.
7. Disconnect cable at Slope Sensor and connect to other side of sensor to check Slope Sensor pins.
Control Box Symptom 3
Cannot adjust to On-Grade when elevation control is selected.
Probable Cause
Tracker is too close to control reference.
1. Check that the ST-3 or Sonic Tracker I I is at least 14 inches away from the control reference.
2. Check for unwanted objects within the sonic footprint.
Do not use electrical contact cleaner to clean the Tracker's transducer.
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