Control Box Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
3. Make sure tracker is not positioned in front of a gusty heat source, such as the engine fan exhaust.
4. Stop the paver, make sure the screed is on the ground and turn the vibrators off. Check the sensor
readings on the Control Box. Set the display to + Sensor or Both Sides. See “Display” on page 49.
5. If using a Sonic Tracker I I, check for contamination on the Sonic Tracker I I transducer or foam filter. Refer
to Transducer and Filter Cleaning and replacement information in the Maintenance and Parts section of this
6. Swap the Tracker with the unit on the opposite side.
7. Averaging may be set too low if tracking an uneven reference. Factory setting is 50.
Control Box Symptom 4
The tow point cylinder does not move up or down.
Probable Cause
Machine electrical switches are not in the proper position, or hydraulics to the cylinder are not active.
1. Check that all locking pins have been removed and that all hydraulic blocking valves are in the open and
correct position for automatic control. Refer to the paver manufacturer's manual.
2. Check that all machine electrical switches - and in motion circuits are in the correct position for automatic
control. Refer to the paver manufacturers manual. Press the jog switch up and down on the Control Box to
make sure there is a current going to the valve. Cylinder should move in the same direction the jog switch
is pressed.
3. Check that the Auto Switch is in “Auto” and that the Auto Symbol is illuminated on the front panel.
4. Disconnect cables and inspect them for damage or contamination. Clean all connections with an electrical
contact cleaner.
5. Swap the Control Box with the unit on the opposite side.
6. I f a Control Box is replaced make sure the configuration and performance settings are correct.
7. I f a cable is replaced make sure it is the right part number. A cable with the incorrect resistor could set the
Control Box to have the wrong configuration.
Control Box Symptom 5
The tow point cylinder is moving in the wrong direction.
Probable Cause
Machine is incorrectly wired or hydraulically connected.
1. Check that the machine is properly wired and hydraulically connected to the valve. A raised jog switch
should make the cylinder go up, lowering the jog switch should make the cylinder go down.
2. Check that the proper cables have been supplied for your machine.
3. Make sure the screed lift cylinders are in the float position and not supporting the screed.
Control Box Symptom 6
The tow point cylinder is moving too fast or too slow.
Probable Cause
The paving machine's hydraulic flow adjustment is incorrect, or the Slope Sensor Valve Offsets or Gain
Adjustments are not correct.
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