Control Box Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
1. Refer to paver manufacturers recommended flow adjustment setting for the speed of the hydraulics;
typically between 12 to 15 seconds.
2. Adjust Gain Performance Settings. The factory setting is 25.
3. Adjust Valve Offsets. Refer to Valve Offset section in the Performance Section within this Manual.
Control Box Symptom 7
The system intermittently drives the cylinder all the way up or down when tracking a
mechanical ski.
Probable Cause
Tracker is intermittently picking up signals from the ski
1. Your valve settings may be incorrect. Check the Config number displayed on the Startup screen.
Figure 177: Config Number Located on Startup Screen
Each number represents a specific valve type. The most common numbers are: 21 (sink), 15 (prop.
source), and 9 (source). Contact your Topcon support representative and provide the Config number to
determine if your Control Box is configured with the correct valve setting.
2. Verify string is at least 4 inches above the surface of the ski. The ski pulls away from the paver and can get
in Tracker's Working Window if the string is too close. The ski also tilts to one side when traveling through
a super elevation or slope transition.
3. For a multi-foot ski, make sure “ foot spring pin” is not within the sonic footprint as the ski surges back and
Control Box Symptom 8
The Control Box SAS icons (numbered 1, 2, 3 or 4) are red.
Probable Cause
Defective Sonic Tracker or SAS cable.
1. Check SAS cable connections at each tracker.
2. Turn Control Box off and swap tracker, whose corresponding SAS icon is red (Figure 178), with another
tracker on the SAS. (Tracker number is on the cable at the tracker connector). Turn the Control Box on to
reset SAS. I f any of the SAS icons (1-4) are red, the problem is the tracker. I f the SAS icon remains the
same, the problem is the SAS cable.
Moving the cylinder completely up/ down on one side can damage the screed.
Startup Screen
cong: 21
Cong Number
Startup Screen
Ext.: 15
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