Control Box Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
1. Your valve settings may be incorrect. Check the Config or Ext. (external) number displayed on the
Startup screen.
Figure 179: Config/ Ext. Number Located on Startup Screen
Each number represents a specific valve type. The most common numbers are: 21 (sink), 15 (prop.
source), and 9 (source). Contact your Topcon support representative and provide the Config/ Ext.
number to determine if your Control Box is configured with the correct valve setting.
2. Lower the Valve Offset value until the sensor no longer overshoots grade.
3. “Setting Valve Offsets” section in this manual.
4. For Servo and solenoid valves lower the value by 2 to 5 numbers, then check the hydraulic performance.
5. For Proportional valves, lower the value by 10 to 15 numbers, then check hydraulic performances.
Control Box Symptom 11
The valve does not drive hydraulic cylinder far enough to get sensor On-Grade.
Probable Cause
Valve offsets in Control Box are set too low.
1. Raise the Valve Offset Value till the sensor is driven to grade. Refer to “Setting Valve Offsets” section in this
2. For Solenoid valves, raise the value by 2 to 5 numbers, then check hydraulic performance.
3. For Proportional valves raise the value by 10 to 15 numbers, then check hydraulic performance.
Control Box Symptom 12
The Control Box displays red dashes instead of the actual elevation when in elevation
Probable Cause
Sonic Tracker is reporting no echo.
1. Verify that the Sonic Tracker is ticking.
2. Make sure tracker is pointing at a target with the working range, recommended 14 to 24 inches.
3. Transducer may be dirty or damaged. Refer to the Transducer and Filter section within this manual.
4. Power or ground connection at transducer may be loose. Remove transducer and check wires.
Startup Screen
cong: 21
Cong Number
Startup Screen
Ext.: 15
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