Sonic Tracker Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
Control Box Symptom 13
The Auto light on the Control Box intermittently flashes on and off.
Probable Cause
External Auto signal from the machine is preventing control.
1. Check the machine switches.
Sonic Tracker Symptoms
Tracker Symptom 1
The Sonic Tracker does not power on.
Probable Cause
Defective cable or tracker.
1. Check coil cord is plugged in correctly and securely.
2. Inspect Coil cord for any physical damage.
3. Turn Control Box on and watch the tracker lights to make sure they go through the power up sequence. All
the lights on the tracker should flash at once followed by a flash of an arrow pointing to the left. The “T”
symbol should also be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the tracker faceplate when a
Temperature Bail is attached. I f the tracker does not go through this sequence then the tracker is not
getting power or is defective.
4. One at a time, swap tracker and then coil cord from opposite side to determine the problem.
Tracker Symptom 2
The Sonic Tracker is ticking, but does not adjust to grade.
Probable Cause
Tracker is too close to reference, minimum working distance is 14 inches.
1. Tracker is too close to reference point. Position tracker 14 to 24 inches from grade reference.
2. Connect tracker to other side of paver to determine if problem stays with tracker.
3. If problem stays with tracker, clean or replace transducer or foam filter. Refer to the Transducer and filter
cleaning and replacement information in the “Maintenance” section of this manual.
4. I f problem does not move with tracker, inspect coil cord for damage and swap with cord from other side.
1. “The Sonic Tracker does not power on.”
2. “The Sonic Tracker is ticking, but does not adjust to grade.”
Note: The ticks may not be audible with ST-3. This is normal. ST-3 transducers are not as
loud as the transducer in the Sonic Tracker I I .
3. “The Tracker’s grade lights flash high and low and do not stay On-Grade.”
4. “The Sonic Tracker is not matching joint or curb.”
5. “The Sonic Tracker picks up the ground, but does not pick up a stringline.”
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