Sonic Tracker Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
Tracker Symptom 3
The Tracker’s grade lights flash high and low and do not stay On-Grade.
Probable Cause
If problem is only in Automatic Mode, then Hydraulic Performance Settings are incorrect.
1. Verify paving machines hydraulic flow adjustments, time for hydraulic cylinder to travel full stroke, are set
to manufacturers recommendations. Typically 12 to 15 seconds.
2. Check Valve Offsets are set correctly. Refer to setting valve offsets.
3. Make sure Gain Setting is not too high. Factory setting is 25.
If problem exists in manual mode, then Tracker is setup incorrectly or Performance Settings are incorrect.
1. Verify that temperature bails are clean and securely attached.
2. Verify temperature bail symbol “T” is displayed on face of Tracker. I f not, clean or replace transducer.
3. Check that Trackers are between 14 and 24 inches from reference.
4. I f there are gusty winds, lower Tracker closer to reference. Approximately 14 to 16 inches.
5. Move Tracker away from gusty heat source, such as engine fan exhaust.
6. Verify Tracker is not picking up erroneous signals from undesired reference. Example: Head of material,
end gate, shoulder grade or material spillage from hopper.
7. If using Stringline, verify line is not bouncing.
8. Check to see if Averaging in Performance Menu is set too low. Factory setting is 50.
9. Check that Deadband, in Performance Menu, is not less than 3mm.
Tracker Symptom 4
The Sonic Tracker is not matching joint or curb.
Probable Cause
Tracker is too far forward on the tow arm.
1. Position the Tracker at 1/ 3rd the tow arm length (just in front of auger).
2. Gain for tracker may be set too low. Adjust Gain to a minimum of 25.
3. Brackets and L-bars have not been securely tightened. Also, check for excessive play or slop where tracker
is attached to the paver. (Tow arm or end gate.)
Tracker Symptom 5
The Sonic Tracker picks up the ground, but does not pick up a stringline.
Probable Cause
1. Tracker is too close to a reference or transducer is weak.
2. Verify that tracker is at least 14" from the stringline.
3. Smooth, steel wire is not recommended. Use minimum 1/ 16” diameter string for elevated stringline or
averaging ski. Use 1/ 8” string for Surface Stringline.
4. If using an ST-3, make sure the Sonic Tracker 3 is set to Stringline in the Control Box’s Performance
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