SAS Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Slope Sensor Symptom 4
Cross Slope does not lock On-Grade.
Probable Cause
Loose Transverse Beam or incorrect Performance Setting adjustments.
1. Verify that the Slope Sensor is not moving or vibrating when trying to survey slope on grade.
2. Slope Deadband set too low. Increase Slope Deadband. The Factory Setting is 0.075% . See “Slope
Deadband” on page 34.
3. Stop the paver, make sure the screed is on the ground and turn the vibrators off.
Slope Sensor Symptom 5
The Cross Slope being laid is not correct.
Probable Cause
Incorrect Slope Sensor calibration.
1. Calibrate the Slope Sensor as described in “Control Box Setup for Slope Control” on page 68.
2. Check that the Transverse Beam is mounted according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that it is not
loose or damaged.
3. Recheck slope using a good reference such as a laser or level. Wait at least three tow arm lengths before
checking the slope after a change has been made.
4. If you use the paver's mat thickness controls, or hand crank the screed, you may need to adjust the slope
calibration to correct any offset between the Slope Sensor and the screed. This can occur after “buying
back” cylinder.
SAS Symptoms
Figure 180: SAS I cons
1. When the SAS is connected, Control Box SAS icons display red (“When the SAS is connected, the Control
Box SAS icons display red.”
2. “A Tracker stops working.”
3. “SAS does not lock on grade.”
4. “SAS is not producing a smooth surface.”
5. “A tracker is picking up head of material.”
Tracker Connected
Detecting Surface
Tracker Functioning
but Not Detecting
Faulty Tracker
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