SAS Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
SAS Symptom 1
When the SAS is connected, the Control Box SAS icons display red.
Probable Cause
Defective tracker or cable, tracker with incorrect code.
1. Verify that all trackers are correctly and securely plugged into the SAS cable by checking the SAS icons on
the Control Box (Figure 180 on page 107).
2 . Tu r n Con t r ol Box of f an d m ov e t h e Tr ack er t o a di f f e r ent position on the SAS cable. Turn the Control Box
on to reconfigure SAS. If error number moved positions with the swapped tracker, the tracker is the
problem. See Chapter 8 to replace the transducer.
3. Check to see if a Tracker without SAS code is attached to the cable. Verify that the tracker has a SAS
compatible decal near the S/ N label (Figure 181 on page 108).
Figure 181: SAS Compatible Decal Location on Sonic Tracker
4. Tracker can also be checked by verifying the code revision.
For the Sonic Tracker I I
Turn box off and back on. Watch the temperature bail symbol in the top right portion
of the tracker (Figure 182). The “T” symbol flashes a certain number of times, pause and flashes again to
indicate the revision of its code.
Figure 182: Temperature Bail Symbol I ndicating Code Revision
Example: Flash twice, pause flash twice means the code in the Tracker is 2.2. SAS requires trackers with code
of 2.2 or higher.
For the Sonic Tracker I I
From the GC-35 Control Box, check the firmware revision by following the
instructions in “System I nfo” on page 50.
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