SAS Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
SAS Symptom 2
A Tracker stops working.
Probable Cause
Defective Tracker.
1. Check SAS cable connections at each tracker.
2. Verify the SAS icons on the Control Box. (Figure 180 on page 107)
3. Turn off Control Box and swap tracker showing error with another tracker on the SAS. (Tracker number is
on the cable at the tracker connector.) Turn the Control Box back on to reset SAS. I f error number moved
positions with the swapped tracker, then the tracker is the problem. See Chapter 8 to replace the
transducer if necessary.
4. I f error continues to display for the same position even after trackers have been swapped, the tracker
connector or SAS cable is the problem.
5. The defective tracker or SAS cable should be repaired, but SAS can still be operated without all four
trackers operating. Remember balance point changes if a tracker is removed.
SAS Symptom 3
SAS does not lock on grade.
Probable Cause
Tracker too close to reference or defective transducer in Tracker.
1. Verify that all cable connections are properly and securely connected.
2. Verify the SAS icons on the Control Box. (Figure 180 on page 107)
3. Check that all trackers are sending out sound waves (transducer is making ticking sound) and grade lights
are flashing.
4. If tracker is not working, check that transducer and foam filter are clean and free from damage. See
“Maintenance” on page 88 to replace the transducer if necessary.
5. SAS beam and trackers may be too close to reference. Bottom of tracker must be minimum of 14 inches
from reference.
6. You may be using a non-SAS compatible tracker. Verify that the Tracker has SAS compatible decal near the
serial number label (Figure 183).
Figure 183: SAS Compatibility Label
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