SAS Symptoms
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
SAS Symptom 4
SAS is not producing a smooth surface.
Probable Cause
Improper setup or Performance Menu Settings.
1. Verify that temperature bails are clean and securely attached.
2. Verify temperature bail symbol “T” is displayed on face of Tracker (Sonic Tracker I I ). If not, clean or
replace the transducer. See “Maintenance” on page 88 to clean or replace the transducer if necessary.
3. Check that Trackers are between 14 and 24 inches from reference.
4. I f there are gusty winds, lower SAS to get Trackers closer to reference.
5. Move the Tracker away from gusty heat source, such as engine fan exhaust.
6. Verify that the Trackers are not picking up erroneous signals from undesired reference.
Example: Head of material, end gate shoulder grade or material spillage from hopper.
7. Verify that the center of the SAS beam is between the midpoint and the forward 2/ 3 point of the tow arm.
8. Check to see if Averaging in Performance Menu is set too low. Factory setting is 50. See “Averaging” on
page 32.
9. Check that Deadband in Performance Menu is not less than 3mm. See “Elevation Deadband” on page 33
and “Slope Deadband” on page 34.
10. Check that the Valve Offsets are set properly. “Valve Offsets (Raise and Lower)” on page 32.
11. Check that the Gain setting in the Performance Menu is not set too high. Factory setting is 25. “Elevation
Gains (Raise and Lower)” on page 30 and “Slope Gain” on page 31.
SAS Symptom 5
A tracker is picking up head of material.
Probable Cause
Improper placement of Tracker.
1. Move tracker forward of the material. Rotate Tracker to front of bracket or drill a hole in the beam far
enough forward to move tracker away from material.
2. Check the balance point. The balance point shifts when moving a tracker.
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