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Getting Acquainted
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging System (Optional Add-on System)
The Smoothtrac® Sonic Averaging System (SAS) (Figure 6) is an optional add-on elevation control system that
combines multiple Slope Sensors to calculate an average of the physical reference. Each tracker sends its
distance measurement to the Control Box which then averages those measurements and sends a correction
signal to the tow point cylinder. The Smoothtrac replaces the mechanical ski that drags on the ground. The
Smoothtrac connects to the Control Box through the tracker cable.
Figure 6: Optional Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging System ( SAS)
Laser Receiver (Optional Add-on Component)
The Laser Receiver (Figure 7) is an optional add-on elevation control sensor that measures and controls the
elevation of the screed. After receiving a signal from a rotating laser, the Laser Receiver sends a signal to the
Control Box, which then sends a raise or lower signal to the tow point cylinder. The TrackerJack attaches to the
Laser Receiver and then mounts to a vibration pole. Use the same cable from the Sonic Tracker to power the
Laser Receiver TrackerJack system.
The Laser Receiver should be removed at the end of each day and stored in its carrying case.
Figure 7: Optional Laser Receivers
Laser Receiver
Laser Receiver
on Vibration Pole
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