Paving Principles and Control Methods
Control Methods
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
While in Stringline Mode, the grade indicators display left/ right and centered arrows. You can select the mode
through the GC-35 Slope Sensor, using firmware version 1.1 or newer, under the Sonic Tracker 3 menu item.
The GC-35 screen displays an icon as a reminder of which mode is active.
Figure 25: Timed Sound Pulses Determine Distance (ST-3 and Sonic Tracker I I )
Laser Control
For Laser Control a laser transmitter is used to produce a plane of light which becomes the grade control
reference for the job site. The Laser Receiver controls the screed to lay a mat parallel to the laser beam
When the laser beam is in the center of the receiver, it indicates an On-Grade signal (Figure 26).
Figure 26: Laser Control – On-Grade
As the screed is raised, the beam of light hits the Laser Receiver below the center and a lower signal is indicated
(Figure 27 on page 16).
Transducer Generates
Sound Pulse
Echo Bounces Off
Physical Grade Reference
Tracker Uses Echo's Ret urn Time To
Calculate Distance To Grade Referen
Sonic Tracker I I shown.
Both the ST-3 and Sonic
Tracker I I use similar
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