Paving Principles and Control Methods
Control Methods
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Using a Slope Sensor allows you to evenly match the joints between passes over large areas.
Figure 29: Laser Control Setup
Slope Control
Your Topcon P-32+ or P-32 System uses a Slope Sensor mounted to the transducer beam on the paver to
measure and control the slope of the mat being laid (Figure 30). The sensor contains an electronic level vial,
that acts as a “precision carpenter's level”. Slope control with this electric level vial is very accurate and
Figure 30: Position of Slope Control on Paving System
If the required slope changes, the screed operator dials the new slope into the Control Box (Figure 31). The tow
point cylinder on the slope side raises or lowers until the Slope Sensor measures the new slope.
Subsequent Passes
Sonic Tracker II
First Pass
Slope Sensor
Sonic Tracker
2% Slope
Cranking affects the relation between the Slope Sensor and the screed slope.
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