GC-35 Control Box Features and Setup
Control Box Features
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
Menu/Set Button
The Menu/ Set Button (Figure 41) has two functions:
Menu – used to access the Performance Menu.
Set – used to change the reference number viewed on the display.
Figure 41: Menu/ Set Button
Press the Menu/ Set Button to enter the Performance Menu. The Performance Menu allows you to set
valve offsets, units of measurements, elevation and slope deadband, and other useful functions.
See “Performance Menu” on page 29 for information on using the menu settings.
Set is used to change the reference number viewed on the display for elevation or slope.
1. From the Control Screen, press and hold the Menu/ Set Button.
2. Turn the Grade Adjustment Knob to change the reference number. The reference number turns red to
indicate the Control Box is in Set Mode.
3. Release Menu/ Set to save the value.
Cross Communication Button
If enabled, the Cross Communication button (Figure 42) allows you to remotely control a secondary Control Box.
Figure 42: Cross Communication Button
Menu/Set Button
By using Set you are only changing the reference number viewed on the display, leaving the existing
cutting depth unchanged.
Cross communication is only available when the Cross Communication I ndication Arrows icon is
visible (Figure 44). I f a secondary Control Box is connected and the icon is not visible see
“Troubleshooting” on page 94.
Cross Communication Button
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