GC-35 Control Box Features and Setup
Control Box Features
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
Automatic Mode
In Automatic Mode (Auto), the tow point cylinders are automatically adjusted up or down to maintain proper
To en t er Au t o , p r ess AUTO. The red LED lights up showing that the Control Box is in Auto.
Manual Mode
In Manual Mode (Manual), the LCD displays grade corrections without adjusting the tow point cylinders. I n this
mode, the operator manually adjusts the tow point cylinders to reach On-Grade.
To enter Manual, press AUTO. The red LED goes dark (unlit), showing that the Control Box is in Manual.
Jog Up/Down Button
The Jog Up/ Down Button (Figure 48) manually moves the tow cylinder up or down, and is always active when
the Control Box is turned on.
– To raise the tow cylinder, press Jog Up.
– To lower the tow cylinder, press Jog Down.
Figure 48: Jog Up/ Down Button
USB Port
The USB Port (Figure 51) is used to update the Control Box’s firmware. See “Updating Firmware” on page 39
for instructions on updating firmware..
Figure 49: USB Port
Press Jog Up to Raise the Tow Cylinder
Press Jog Lower to Lower the Tow Cylinder
USB Port
USB Cap (Removed)
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