GC-35 Control Box Features and Setup
Performance Menu
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Default settings are preset values that run most pavers. If your machine does not perform properly within those
preset values, adjust the setting accordingly until you have satisfactory machine performance.
Selecting Performance Menu Items
Follow these steps to access the Performance Menu, select Performance Menu items, and make changes.
1. From the Control Screen, press the Menu/ Set button (Figure 53).
2. Rotate the Grade Adjustment Knob to scroll through the menu selections displayed on the screen
(Figure 53), and press the Enter button to select a menu item.
Figure 53: Accessing the Performance Menu
3. Press to highlight the value in blue (Figure 54), and then use the Grade Adjustment Knob to
change the value.
7Machine Type Paver Paver
8Display Set point, + Sensor, Both sides
Show slope (checked or
+ Sensor, Show slope (unchecked)
9Units centimeters, inches, feet inches
10 System Info N/ A Displays the Topcon logo, copyright date,
and current firmware version.
Interface to Update Control Box Firmware.
11 Sonic Tracker 3 Surface, Stringline
Use at power up (checked or
Use at power up (unchecked)
12 Slope Resolution 0.1% , 0.05% 0.1%
13 Slope Cal. Block Off, On On
14 Tech Me n u N/ A N/ A
Table 2. Performance Menu Settings ( Continued)
Number Menu I tem Range Factory Default
Press Menu/Set Button Turn Grade Adjustment Knob Press Enter Button
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