GC-35 Control Box Features and Setup
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P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Slope Deadband
Deadband is the area of the Working Window that is On-Grade. While the reference is within that area, the
paver’s valves are idle (closed). Therefore the wider the Slope Deadband (On-Grade area), the more a reference
can move up or down without a correction being initiated.
When the Slope Deadband changes, it adds or takes away from the fine correction region (1% above or below
On-Grade) of the Slope Sensor; it does not add this distance to the overall working range.
Slope Deadband value range – 0.025 to 0.75%
Factory preset – 0.075%
Figure 60: Slope Deadband
Machine Type
Displays the type of machine configuration (not selectable).
Figure 61: Machine Type - Paver
Select the amount of Slope Deadband carefully. Too small of a Slope Deadband causes the tow point
cylinder to constantly hunt up and down while the sensor tries to find On-Grade. Too large of a Slope
Deadband does not allow the sensor to send grade corrections to the values, causing unwanted
variations in mat thickness.
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