Sonic Tracker and SAS Setup
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
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Sonic Tracker and SAS Setup
You can use either the Topcon’s ST-3 (P-32+ System) or the Sonic Tracker I I (P-32 System) as a sonic control
elevation reference for your system. The following sections describe how to set up a Sonic Tracker.
For specifics on each type of Sonic Tracker “ST-3 Specifics” on page 53 and “Sonic Tracker I I Specifics” on page 58.
Working Window and Sonic Footprint
Built into the Tracker is an operational zone, or Working Window. The default value is 0.20 ft above and below the
grade reference (Figure 71). The grade lights on the Sonic Tracker and Control Box continuously display this grade
information to the operator.
Figure 71: Sonic Tracker Working Window
Out of Range
Flashing Up/Down Arrow
Solid Up/Down Arrow
ST-3 Sonic Tracker II
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