Sonic Tracker and SAS Setup
ST-3 Specifics
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
ST-3 Specifics
The ST-3 has two detection modes to ensure the best accuracy possible as well as changing sensor
characteristics to optimize the detection zone based on application. The two modes are Surface Mode and
Stringline Mode.
Setting Surface or Stringline Mode for the ST-3
When using a Sonic Tracker 3 (ST-3), you can select either Surface or Stringline mode from the
Performance Menu. Use Surface mode when tracking a surface, or Stringline when tracking a stringline with
your ST-3. By checking the Use at pow er up check box, the Control Box remembers your preferred setting at
power up. The default setting is Surface.
1. From the Performance Menu select Sonic Tracker 3 and press the press the Enter button .
2. Press either Surface or Stringline.
3. Check the Use at pow er up check box to lock this setting when the Control Box powers on and off, if
Figure 94: Selecting Surface or Stringline Mode
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