Getting Ready to Pave
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/N: 1001547-01
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Getting Ready to Pave
This chapter is designed to get the paving crew started using your Topcon P-32+ or P-32 System. The job application
and the desired results determine what type of non-contacting controls should be used; i.e. sonic, slope, laser and
For Sonic Tracker and SmoothTrac SAS setup, first attach the Sonic Trackers, then setup the Control Box.
For Slope Sensor setup, first attach and power up the Control Box, then check the sensor’s calibration to
ensure correct grade.
For Laser Tracker setup, first setup the laser transmitter, attach the Laser Tracker to the machine, then setup
the Control Box.
The components should be mounted on the paver and then the paver itself must be properly set up.
Control Box Setup
Use the following steps to install the Control Box (Figure 115).
1. Attach the Control Box to the Control Box Bracket.
2. Connect the cables to the Control Box.
3. Turn on the Control Box.
Figure 115: Attach Control Box and Connect Cables
2X Sonic Tracker/
Slope Sensor
Jaw Mount
for Bracket
Power On
Connect Bracket Connect Cables
Due to different types of machine configurations, cable connections may vary.
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