Getting Ready to Pave
Screed Setup
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Screed Setup
To start paving with your Topcon P-32+ or P-32 System, set up the paver just as you would under manual
1. Place the screed on blocks or lath set for the desired paving thickness (Figure 116); make sure to account
for material compaction.
Figure 116: Place Screed on Blocks
2. Center the tow point cylinders to maximize travel in raise or lower directions (Figure 117): use the jog
switch on the Control Box or the switch provided with the Paver.
Figure 117: Center the Tow Point Cylinders
3. Using the manual thickness adjustment cranks or hand cranks on the paver, null the screed and set the
proper angle of attack (Figure 118). Make sure both cranks are set the same.
Figure 118: Manually Adjust Thickness of Mat
4. Next, turn on the auger feeder controls to place the asphalt in front of the screed.
Fully Raised
Fully Lowered
in the Center
Proper Screed Angle of Attack
Correct Head of Material
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