Getting Ready to Pave
Control Box Setup for Elevation Control
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
To reset the Slope Sensor once a new tracker has been installed, or if the tracker has been removed and only
three trackers are used, turn the power off then on. The Slope Sensor reconfigures to the number of trackers.
Changing the number of trackers may change the average distance. Press Survey to lock SAS On-Grade.
Once one of the Trackers has been eliminated from the averaging, the balance point of the beam changes. If
the faulty Tracker is not replaced, the beam must be repositioned to adjust for the new balance point. It is
strongly recommended, if the first or last Tracker fails, to replace it with one of the Trackers from the middle of
the beam. This insures that the balance point is not outside of the 1/ 3 to 2/ 3 rule.
Control Box Setup for Elevation Control
Once the Sonic Tracker has been positioned over the reference, the Control Box can now Survey to On-Grade.
1. With the power on, press the Survey button(Figure 120).
Figure 120: Setting the Tracker On-grade
2. To make the display read the same value as the depth of mat to be laid, press and hold the Menu/ Set
button while turning the Grade Adjustment Knob to change the display to the height of the blocks under
the screed (Figure 121).
3. Release Menu/ Set to save the value.
Figure 121: Saving Elevation Value
u/Set Button
Using Menu/ Set does not change the existing mat thickness, it only changes the reference number viewed on
the display.
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