Getting Ready to Pave
Control Box Setup for Elevation Control
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
4. Press the Auto button to put the Control Box into Automatic mode (Figure 122). The Auto LED lights up.
Figure 122: Selecting Automatic Mode
5. Begin paving.
After you begin paving, check the mat depth to ensure the desired thickness is being laid (Figure 123). The
blocks initially placed under the screed may cause the mat to be too thick or too thin. Check the mat several
times to get an average before making any corrections.
Figure 123: Checking Pad Thickness
For example, if a 2.50 inch mat is required, but a 3.0 inch mat is being laid, then an adjustment is necessary.
You must first get the box to display the same number as the mat depth.
To change the mat depth being laid:
1. Press the Auto button to put the Control Box and Paver into manual mode. The Auto LED goes dark.
Actual mat thickness adjustment value may vary depending on paving conditions.
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