Paving Applications
Paving Streets Through I ntersections
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Figure 146: Survey to On-Grade and Return to Automatic Control
Method 2 for Paving Intersections
1. Sometimes, the base of the intersecting road is too rough to use as a reference. An alternative is to use a
simple piece of stringline.
2. Take a section of 1/ 8” diameter string and nail or secure it to the curb.
3. Pull the string tight through the intersection and nail or secure it to the other curb (Figure 147).
Figure 147: Paving Through I ntersection Using Hub
This constant reference gives you complete control through the intersection and ensures that you tie in perfectly
to both curbs.
You may find after surveying that for the tracker on the curb the number has changed slightly from the
curb on the other side of the intersection. This is due to the different depth of the base below the lip of
curbs. While paving, slowly dial the display back to the previous number.
If the intersecting road has a crown, hike the stringline up in the middle of the road to place the
string at the proper height. A hub or a stake with a piece of wire to hold the stringline works fine.
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