Paving Applications
Paving I ntersections with Cross Slope
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
2. Press the Elevation/ Slope button to switch from slope to elevation control on the Control Box, and
Survey to On-Grade (Figure 150).
Figure 150: Surveying to On- grade
3. Press Auto, and pave through the intersection with the Control Box in Automatic mode.
4. Upon reaching the end of the intersection (Figure 151), press Auto to switch to Manual mode, press
Elevation/ Slope to switch to slope control, and press Survey.
Figure 151: Paving Through I ntersection
5. Press Auto. I f the slope is not as desired, use the rotary knob to gradually change the slope percentage to
the desired slope.
Press Auto to
Switch to Manual Mode
Press Elevation/Slope to
Switch to Slope Mode
After surveying the slope, because of the switch from slope to elevation control, you may find that
the slope of the mat you just laid down (as displayed on the Control Box) does not match your
desired slope. To get back to the correct slope, continue paving in automatic and slowly dial the
display to the desired slope. Failing to press Survey when changing back to slope control could
result in a bump in the mat.
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