Stringline Setup
Setting Surface Stringline
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Sometimes, the surface to be paved contains pot holes or surfaces too broken to use as a joint match reference
Setting elevated stringline would be too time consuming, especially for small, divided projects. I n these
applications, surface stringline provides a simple, easy alternative.
Position the tracker 14 to 18 inches above the stringline (Figure 153).
Figure 153: Position of Tracker in Correlation to Stringline
To setup surface stringline in two simple steps:
1. Drive a concrete nail into the existing surface to be cut (Figure 154) and tie the stringline to the concrete
Figure 154: Setup Concrete Nails
2. Roll out the stringline to the desired length. Pull tight and secure to another nail at the opposite end. The
tightened stringline rests on top of the existing surface (Figure 155).
It is important to use a stringline with a diameter at least 1/ 8” thick. The Slope Sensor can detect a
smaller diameter stringline, but when stretched on the surface to be paved the surface below the
stringline will be within the working window, therefore you want to make sure you have a strong
return signal.
Sonic Tracker II
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