Stringline Setup
Setting Elevated Stringline
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Figure 155: Stringline Reference
When the Slope Sensor sends out a sound wave, the first thing the tracker sees is the reference
Since the stringline is pulled tight, any small irregularities in the existing surface are spanned
(Figure 156).
Figure 156: Stringline Spans Surface I rregularities
As a verifiable grade reference, potential problems can be pointed out to the inspector before paving.
Setting Elevated Stringline
Elevated stringline is positioned 1–2 feet above the finished grade using referencing hubs or lath placed by the
surveyor (Figure 157).
Figure 157: Elevated Stringline
Once positioned, the Sonic Tracker tracks the stringline, providing a verifiable slope and cut reference.l
The ST-3 indicates the location of the stringline by using left/ right arrows and On-Grade (centered)
LEDs. See “Stringline Mode” on page 54 for more information.
The ST-3 LEDs help guide the operator to manually shift the screed in/ out. Accurate setup of the
stringline is crucial for proper operation of the ST-3.
Do not disturb the hubs.
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