Stringline Setup
Setting Elevated Stringline
P-32+ and P-32 Operator’s Manual P/ N: 1001547-01
Your local Topcon dealer carries the following supplies for setting elevated stringline:
Sonic stringline, 1000’ roll (p/ n 7020-0101)
Sonic grade clips, box of 100 (p/ n 7020-0121)
Cut/fill offset tape, feet/ tenths (p/ n 7000-1026)
Cut/fill offset tape, metric (p/ n 7000-1027)
Although Topcon’s Sonic Tracker works with many sizes and types of stringline, for best results use an 1/ 8 inch
diameter nylon stringline. Using steel wire or a plastic coated stringline with a smooth surface can cause
erroneous results.
1. Place the sonic grade clips on stakes and drive the stakes approximately 6 to 8 inches away from, but in
line with, the hubs—Do Not disturb the hubs (Figure 158).
Figure 158: Place Clips and Position Stakes
2. Using an anchor pin at each end, roll out the sonic stringline the length of the working area and pull the
stringline tight.
3. After the stringline has been pulled tight, place it into the “fingers” of each Sonic Grade Clip (Figure 159).
Figure 159: Place Stringline in Clip
4. Decide what the sonic stringline hike-up (the distance from finished grade to the sonic stringline) should
be; in this example, two feet.
6.0" to 8.0"
Align Stakes
with Hubs
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