With the legs adjusted to a nominal cooker height of 910 mm, and the splash-back fitted, anti-tilt restraint bracket can be added to
the rear of the appliance.
First fit the flat strap to the rear of the cooker at the centre point of the lower rear edge. Use the supplied screw (Fig. 08).
Mark a line on the floor marking the mid-point of the cooker once installed (see Fig. 09) from the back wall. Measure in (from the
back wall) the distance from the hob back (at top) to the rear of the cooker (dimension A), and mark on the mid-point line (see Fig.
09). Place the retaining bracket against this mark and mark the fixing screw point on the floor. Mount the retaining bracket to the
floor using the supplied fixing screw (for concrete only, for other surfaces an appropriate fixing screw should be purchased). Place
the appliance in position and attach the 2 brackets with the supplied retaining screws accessing from beneath the appliance.
Fig 08 Fig 08A
Fig. 09
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