When using the oven for the first time it should be operated for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of about 250°C to
eliminate any odours generated by the internal insulation. During normal oven use, select the desired cooking temperature using the
thermostat knob and wait until the orange light turns off (set temperature has been reached) before putting in any food. The oven is
equipped with 5 guides at different heights (Fig. 21) which can be used to insert shelves or the tray. To keep the oven as clean as
possible it is recommended to cook meat on the tray or on the shelf that has been inserted inside the tray. Always turn the oven off
by adjusting the oven function control knob to off (0).
NOTE: After use, the cooling fan will continue to run until the internal electrical system has cooled sufficiently.
Fig. 21
When cooking, always open the oven door slightly first (head away from the door), to allow any built-up steam to escape, and then
open fully. Always use heat resistant gloves when removing hot items from the oven. Never line the sides or base of the oven, or
enamel backing dishes with aluminium foil (it can damage the enamel sur
ace). Never cook or place cookware on the base – always
use trays and shelves provided.
Always preheat your oven before cooking (see the quick start function), which allows more accurate timing of cooking.
Conventional cooking cooks with heat coming from both the top and bottom, ideal for roasts and pastries. After preheating oven to
the correct temperature (50C to 250C), adjust oven function control knob
o conventional cooking and place food inside oven. Set
timer if needed.
Fan Oven cooking cooks with heat coming from the rear of the oven, with hot air circulated around by the fans, ideal for cooking
different types of food together without mixing the tastes. Pre-heat the oven for 10 minutes before inserting the trays. Adjust oven
function control knob to fan oven cooking and place food inside oven. Set timer if needed.
The grill is controlled using the oven’s temperature knob. The grill function uses both elements at the top of the oven, so is faster
and more powerful than using the top element alone. Run this function with the door closed and at a temperature not exceeding
150°C for up to 15 minutes. Use the enamel tray with wire rack insert at positions 1 or 2 (or lower to slow down the grilling process).
Do not leave the tray in the upper positions when not in use, as they will deflect heat away from food.
Preheat for 5 minutes first before adding the food and tray. This function is best for thinner, quickly cooked food like toast; for
thicker food that will take longer, use the grill and fan cooking function.
This function is similar to the grilling function, but with the rear fans added, allowing a more even heat to flow around the food. Run
this function with the door closed. Place the food on a wire rack and insert at position 3. Place a baking dish on level 5 to catch any
juice or crumbs (this allows the heat to circulate the food). This is better for thicker foods which need to be cooked for longer times.
Preheat for 5 minutes first before adding the food and tray
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