The cookers are supplied with four transit supports (one for each corner).
Four support legs are supplied separately and are fitted on location to the four corners of the lower support frame. Each support leg
is pushed over the relevant transit support until flush with the support frame.
Each leg is adjusted by screwing the lowe r section in or out as required for fitting to a 900mm bench height. For lower bench tops
adjust the height of the legs to 180mm so the hob is located 10mm above the horizontal combustible surface, ref. AS/NZS 5601
Fig. 06
Legs should be installed with the appliance close to its final
destination, as the legs are not designed for excessive force and
will snap off if too much side force is exerted on them (dragging
along or angled too much). When fitting, try to keep the appliance
as close to a horizontal position as possible. Use of a pallet jack is
If the legs are not used and the cooker is mounted onto a plinth,
four transit supports allow for clearance.
With the legs fitted, the splash-back can be fitted. Follow the
instructions shown in Fig. 07.
Fig 07
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