The filter prevents larger remnants of food or other objects from getting inside the pump.
The residues may block the filter, in this case they must be removed.
The filter system consists of a coarse filter,a flat (Main filter)
And a microfilter(Fine filter).
Food and soil particles trapped in this filter are pulverized by a
special jet on the lower spray arm and washed down to drain.
Larger items, such as pieces of bones or glass, that could block
the drain are trapped in the coarse filter. To remove the items
caught by the filter, gently squeeze the tap on the top of this
filter and lift out.
This filter holds soil and food residues in the sump area and
prevents it from being redeposit on the dishes during wash cycle.
Main filter
Coarse filter
Fine filter
Filter assembly
The filter efficiently
For best performance and results, the filter must be cleaned regularly. this reason, it is a good idea to
remove the larger food particles trapped in the filter after each wash cycle by rinsing the semicircular filter and
cup under running water. To remove the filter device, pull the cup handle in the upward direction.
removes food particles from the wash water, allowing it to be recycled during the cycle.
The dishwasher must never be used without the filters.
Improper replacement of the filter may reduce the performance level of the appliance
and damage dishes and utensils.
Step 1 Turn the filter in anti-clockwise direction,
Step 2 lift the filter assy up
When following this procedure from step1 to step 2, the filter system will be removed;
when following it from Step 2 to Step 1, the filter system will be installed.
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