The control panel can be cleaned by using a lightly dampened cloth.
After cleaning, make sure to dry it thoroughly.
For the exterior, use a good appliance polish wax.
Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher.
Protect Against Freezing
1.Cut off the electrical power to the dishwasher.
2.Turn off the water supply and disconnect the water inlet pipe from the water valve.
3.Drain the water from the inlet pipe and water valve. (Use a pan to gather the water)
4.Reconnect the water inlet pipe to the water valve.
5.Remove the filter at the bottom of the tub and use a sponge to soak up water in the sump.
please take frost protection measures on the dishwasher in winter. Every fter washing cycles,
please operate as follows
time a
Cleaning the Filter
Cleaning The Door
To clean the coarse filter and the fine filter, use a cleaning brush. Reassemble the filter parts as shown in the figures
on the last page and reinsert the entire assembly in the dishwasher, positioning it in its seat and pressing downwards.
When cleaning the filters, don't knock on them. Otherwise, the filters could be
contorted and the performance of the dishwasher could be decreased.
To clean the edge around the door, you should use only a soft warm, damp cloth.
To avoid penetration of water into the door lock and electrical components, do not
use a spray cleaner of any kind.
Never use a spray cleaner to clean the door panel as it may damage the door lock
and electrical components.
Abrasive agents or some paper towels should not be used because of the risk of
scratching or leaving spots on the stainless steel surface.
Cleaning the Spray Arms
If your dishwasher cannot work because of the ice,
please contact professional service persons.
It is necessary to clean the spray arms regularly for hard
water chemicals will clog the spray arm jets and bearings.
- Inspect the filters for blocking after every time the dishwasher has been used.
- By unscrewing the coarse filter, you can remove the filter system. Remove any food remnants and
clean the filters under running water.
The entire filter assembly should be cleaned once a week.
To remove the lower spray arm, pull out the spray arm upward.
To remove the upper spray arm, hold the nut, rotate the arm
clockwise to remove it.
Wash the arms in soapy and warm water and use a soft brush to
clean the jets. Replace them after rinsing them thoroughly.
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