It is recommend that you run a wash cycle with the
dishwasher empty and then remove the plug from the
socket, turn off the water supply and leave the door of
the appliance slightly open. This will help the door
seals to last longer and prevent odours from forming
within the appliance.
If the appliance must be moved, try to keep it in the
vertical position. If absolutely necessary, it can be
positioned on its back.
dishwasher is food that remains trapped in the seals.
Periodic cleaning with a damp sponge will prevent this
from occurring.
Before cleaning or performing maintenance, always
remove the plug from the socket.
To clean theexterior and rubber parts of the dishwasher,
do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning products.
Only use a cloth with warm soapy water.
To remove spots or stains from the surface of the
interior, use a cloth dampened with water an a little
vinegar, or a cleaning product made specifically for
Remove the Plug
No Solvents or Abrasive Cleaning
Moving the Appliance
After every wash, turn off the water supply to the
appliance and leave the door slightly open so that
moisture and odours are not trapped inside.
After Every Wash
When not in Use for a LongTime
The installation of the pipes
and electrical equipments
should be done by professionals.
Electrical Shock Hazard
Disconnect electrical power before
installing dishwasher.
Failure to do so can result in death or
electrical shock.
The installation position of dishwasher should be near the existing inlet and drain hoses and
power cord.
One side of the cabinet sink should be chosen to facilitate the connection of drain hoses of
the dishwasher.
Installation preparation
Note: please check the accompanying installation accessories(hook for aesthetic panel,screw)
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